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NICU Whistleblower Wanted!

NICU Whistleblower Wanted!

By Steve Kirsch

Things aren’t so normal in the NICU after the vaccines rolled out. But nobody is talking. Will anyone talk to me if your identity is not revealed?

Here’s a comment from my latest survey (see recordID 52). It raises the question: Do we have a whistleblower out there that works in the NICU who will speak out anonymously? Reply in the comments if you know of someone.

One of our USPS workers’ wife was forced by her healthcare job to have the jab while pregnant; when the baby came it was premature and was in the NICU for months, causing undue stress and hardship on at very least the dad (we never met the mom). He told us, in that hospital, located in the Front Range of CO, he was told a large percentage of babies being born were problematic in some way, but nobody can talk about it. I hear many horror stories from other friends about their friends and relatives. This is no joke. These jabs kill and maim. The people I know who get them and then suffer harm or death, they and their families are in denial about the role the jabs are playing in this suffering. My mum-in-law in the UK, at 92 years old is surrounded by neighbors younger than her, all jabbed, one of whom recently passed unexpectedly, another of whom had surgery from stage IV stomach cancer “out of the blue,” another of whom, an elderly lady w dementia, passed, another of whom had a stroke, but who survives with its effects, and two relatives, each of whom has had either cancer or heart surgery (they both have comorbidities/obesity) since this all began two years back – the cancer, I believe, absolutely to do with the jabs. Another direct friend here in the US, who was nearly 91, recently passed, after having received both her jabs probably a year prior, but may have been boosted…..I don’t believe for an instant that her death was NOT related to the jabs, in spite of her age.


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