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Pfizer Fraud? Or Just Great Execution?

Pfizer Fraud? Or Just Great Execution?

By Steve Kirsch

Check out this Twitter thread from Jikkyleaks. The enrollment described seems too ideal to be true. If this is fraud, Pfizer is liable for all deaths and injuries caused by their vaccine.


The Pfizer documents just released show evidence of clinical trial enrollment at one site that appears to be quite fast.

Is it fraud or just really good execution by the site? In speaking with experts, it is quite possible that there is nothing to see here.

It’s a vaccine trial and it was done in the middle of a pandemic. So nearly everyone is a candidate. That fact makes fast recruitment possible.

This article from Sept 10, 2020 shows they have an impressive infrastructure in place.

There is no way to know for sure without more information. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely we’ll get it.

If it is fraud, it means Pfizer is liable for all the deaths and disabilities caused by their drug.

Site 4444

Before looking at the Jikkyleaks tweets, it’s important to note that subjects with IDs starting with 4444 were enrolled at the 1231 site in Argentina. Those patients were recruited later just in time to have the safety data needed for FDA meeting. It is “impressive” they were able to turn on recruitment/enrollment machinery so quickly and right in the nick of time to meet the deadline.

Figure 1: Enrollment at site 1231. The blue line is the first wave (4,500). The red line is the second wave (1,275). The second wave patients were tagged with 4444 which effectively means “Site 1231, second enrollment wave.” If they had 26 hospitals working 7 days a week to enroll patients, it is possible to achieve these numbers if the execution is perfect. Was the execution perfect? It’s unlikely anyone will give us any details. That should make us suspicious.

The Twitter post

Read the thread before the account is suspended. Or you can just skip down and watch my short video where I explain just how significant this post is.

My video explaining the thread

I just did a 16-minute video on Rumble showing my initial reaction to the Twitter post.


I found out after I made the video that Site 4444 is the same site as Site 1231 and that Polack is associated with a foundation that coordinates 26 hospitals in Argentina involving 467 doctors who were instantly recruited. This changes the odds in my mind. I checked with experts and they thought it could be done.

Is this fraud? Or just amazing execution?

Dr. Polack is the Scientific Director of the INFANT Foundation in Buenos Aires which coordinates a network of 26 hospitals in Argentina.

So if all 26 hospitals participated fully then that’s 57 patients per week per hospital which is possible if the sites have done this before and have a coordination framework for getting all 26 sites up and running at the same time. This means that everyone who was doing something else dropped what they were doing to switch over to the trial all at the same time.

Bottom line: It’s quite possible they pulled it off. See this article from Sept 10, 2020 which shows they have an impressive infrastructure in place.

About Dr. Polack

Polack won the 2010 E. Mead Johnson Award for Excellence in Pediatric Research, awarded by the Society for Pediatric Research.

You can learn a bit about him. Here’s a brief overview:

“Dr. Fernando Polack is a Specialist in Pediatric Infectious Diseases, graduated with Honors from the University of Buenos Aires in 1990. Dr. Polack completed residency training at the French Hospital in Buenos Aires and at William Beaumont Hospital in Michigan followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Polack is the Cesar Milstein Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Vanderbilt University and the Scientific Director of the INFANT Foundation in Buenos Aires which coordinates a network of 26 hospitals in Argentina. Dr. Polack has led numerous scientific manuscripts in reputed journals, including N Eng J Med, Nature Med, J Exp Med and PNAS, among others.

His work is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the Thrasher Research Fund, the Optimus Foundation and other international organizations.”

See this article written by David Healy for more on the guy behind that site who is also the first author in the Pfizer NEJM paper. Here are a few excerpts:

About 5,800 volunteers were enrolled, half getting the active vaccine. This is almost 4 times more than the next largest centre in this trial. Amazingly 467 doctors were almost instantly signed up and trained as assistant investigators in the study. Fernando was in command as Pfizer’s Principal Investigator.

Neither Augusto’s pericardial effusion, nor another volunteer’s penile vein thrombosis, appear to have found their way into the reported side effects of this trial.

You can also watch this video on Polack that was done by “Amazing Polly” St. George on October 4, 2021 (start at 3:20). However, there is no real “smoking gun” in the video or clear evidence of corruption.

The lack of proper adverse event reporting is a problem, even if the enrollment is legit.


Was there fraud in the Pfizer trial? Without a doubt. The story of Maddie de Garay is a clear case of that. Brook Jackson has evidence of fraud; she has 17 lawyers working for her. If there wasn’t fraud, these lawyers wouldn’t be wasting their time.

This new data on Site 1231/4444 looks suspicious to me. It looks too good to be true. But we can’t make the call without more information. Undoubtedly, the mainstream media will not look into this, Pfizer will remain silent, and Polack will be unreachable for comment.

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