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Sharp Increases in All-Cause Mortality in Q3 and Q4 of 2021 in Cyprus!

Sharp Increases in All-Cause Mortality in Q3 and Q4 of 2021 in Cyprus!

By Steve Kirsch

Ask your blue pill friends what caused this to happen in the US, Europe, and now Cyprus. It wasn’t due to COVID. We all think it was the “vaccine,” but the vaccine is “safe and effective,” right?

I am hoping that the medical experts at YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify can assist on this one since the mainstream health authorities are stumped.

We now have elevated all-cause mortality in Cyprus, not just the US and the EU in 2021, the year the vaccines rolled out. It’s particularly bad in Q3 and Q4 (likely due to boosters).

The timing of the excess deaths is consistent with what the embalmers are saying; they started noticing these huge clots in May/June of 2021. So our hypothesis is fitting our observations pretty well.

They are even seeing huge deaths in Canada too AFTER the vaccines rolled out! Can you believe that?!? Canada is highly vaccinated (nearly 90% of the entire population). So why are death rates going much higher after the vaccines rolled out? Weren’t we told that the vaccines were supposed to save lives?!?

It can’t be COVID and it’s correlated with the vaccine rollout.

I wonder what it could be? None of us red pilled misinformation spreaders can figure this out.

Perhaps you can ask one of your blue-pilled friends to help us out?

Here’s the paper and here’s the key part:

Here’s the simplest way to visualize the Cyprus data thanks to Massimaux (this is annotated Figure 1)


Whatever it was, it killed more people than COVID did. Think about that.

We have a mystery killer, coordinated with the vaccine, that kills more people than COVID, it’s happening worldwide, and the CDC hasn’t even detected it even exists!!!! WTF? How can that be?

It simply doesn’t get more stunning than that!

That Texas study “proving” that vaccines reduce deaths by 20X

This Texas study claimed that unvaccinated people are 20 times more likely to die. So when you have 90% of people vaccinated in a country like Canada, the excess death rate should drop by close to 90%, not go up.

The problem with all these “studies” however is that they never look at all-cause mortality. So their results are an optical illusion. Who cares if you save 1 COVID life if the vaccine kills more than 1 person for every life saved?

Italian court rules vaccine mandates are unconstitutional

In other news, an Italian court has ruled vaccine mandates are not constitutional because in Italy, they have a constitutional right to life.

The ruling doesn’t apply in the US of course. Apparently, it’s not a violation of the US Constitution for the US government and private companies to mandate something that can kill you. That’s surprising to me. Am I wrong? You’d think we’d have a similar argument in the US.

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