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Should the FDA Investigate Pfizer Clinical Trial Fraud Allegations? Or Look the Other Way?

Should the FDA Investigate Pfizer Clinical Trial Fraud Allegations? Or Look the Other Way?

By Steve Kirsch

Most Americans think the fraud allegations against Pfizer should be investigated.

Sign the Emergency Investments for HC Workers Petition

Please sign this petition to ask the FDA to investigate the stunning allegations of Pfizer clinical trial fraud such as the ones documented in this article. These allegations include an admission in a court proceeding from the Pfizer lawyers that

Please sign the petition now

Anyone in the world can sign it. And everyone should sign it. It is a call for medical transparency.

After you sign it, please share it (or this article) with all your social networks so we can keep the momentum going.

All Americans, no matter what your beliefs, should want to know the truth about whether the Pfizer trial was properly conducted or not.

Our expectation is that the FDA will call for public input on which areas to investigate and then investigates the most important issues and reports the result to the American public.

If the FDA is not able to conduct such an investigation due to a conflict of interest (such as the allegation Pfizer made that the FDA is “in on it”), then the FDA should delegate the investigation to the HHS inspector general or to the Department of Justice.

Thanks for your help.

This post is in compliance with “Community Standards” since it is simply asking for an investigation and seeks to uncover the truth.

Both sides, pro-vax and anti-vax, should want to see these issues promptly resolved.

The pro-vax side believes the investigations will prove that the vaccines were properly tested and will reduce vaccine hesitancy.

The anti-vax side believes the investigations will prove the opposite and will increase vaccine hesitancy.

Neither side benefits from the current ambiguity.

Currently, only 30% of Americans have taken dose 3 or more, so this is a significant problem that needs to be resolve ASAP.

Please sign our petition calling for the ambiguities to be investigated and resolved.


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