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Ten Different Surveys All Show the Vaxxines Are Not “Safe and Effective” – Not Even Close

Ten Different Surveys All Show the Vaxxines Are Not “Safe and Effective” – Not Even Close

By Steve Kirsch

This is my most important article since I started writing on Substack. It shows how anyone can prove to themselves that I’ve been telling the truth the whole time.


I’ve written over 700 articles on my Substack. This is my most important article to date because it provides objective proof, that anyone can verify with their own surveys of their own friends, that I have been telling the truth since I first became a “misinformation spreader” on May 25, 2021 with an article on TrialSite News entitled “Should you get vaccinated?”.

Here is a summary video of the two most recent surveys I did which show the vaccines increase cancer, cause excess deaths comparable to COVID deaths, and dramatically increase miscarriage rates.

If you only watch one video this year, that is the one to watch.

Also recommended is another 17-minute summary video that has the highlights from 8 surveys I recently did earlier.

The surveys are of my readers and some people believe my readers give biased results to these questions. Of course they do. All surveys are biased. That’s why you should repeat these surveys yourself with your friends.

The point of this article is to summarize the results to date from my readers. Even with biases, it would be hard to overcome a signal this large.

For example, how do you explain an embalmer where over 90% of her cases had severe blood clots if the vaccines are perfectly safe. How do you explain that? The survey results need to be consistent with reality.

If people weren’t dying, I’d wait for the survey results on a broader audience (which we began on May 23, 2022 using a third party polling organization). The precautionary principle of medicine compels me to publish these preliminary findings now.

The preliminary findings from these polls show:

  1. The vaccines have already killed about the same number of Americans as COVID has.
  2. For kids 5-11, the 5-11 death report data indicates we are killing 336 kids for every child we might save from COVID if the vaccine was 100% perfect in protecting against death.
  3. The second shot is the most dangerous and appears to increase all-cause mortality (ACM) over the next 30 days by approximately 8X, the first and third shots raise ACM by approximately 6X and 4.8X respectively. Even to me, this seems too high to believe, but that’s what the numbers say.
  4. It appears that the true number of COVID deaths, vaccine deaths, and annual deaths from heart attacks are relatively comparable with each other (within a factor of 2) since January 2020 to the present. This suggests that only around 700,000 people actually died from COVID and a comparable number from the COVID vaccines. This is in line with our VAERS minimum estimate of excess deaths caused by the vaccine: 12,000 VAERS excess deaths in the US * 41 (the minimum under-reporting factor) = 492,000 deaths which we knew was a minimum.
  5. For people who did not die, if you have cancer before the shot, 55% of the people had their cancer got dramatically worse after the shot. In 20% of the cases, the cancer remained the same. Nobody’s cancer got better after the shot. 0%. That is really stunning. How will the CDC explain that one? Check it out, especially the comments to the poll.
  6. Miscarriages aka spontaneous abortions increased dramatically since 2021. Over 80% of the women who miscarried were vaccinated. This should not be a surprise at all since VAERS shows the #1 elevated symptom post vaccine is heavy menstrual bleeding which is elevated at 8,800 times normal. We’ve known that for a long time, but the CDC won’t admit it. Don’t take my word for this. Check out this Gab poll I just did.
  7. The VAERS under-reporting factor for deaths could easily be 100 or more. Of the vaccine deaths that were reported, fewer than 1% were reported to VAERS. However, not all these people were familiar with all details of the death. What we can say is that it appears that at least 0.7% of all deaths and vaccine-related miscarriages were reported to VAERS. None of the 15 deaths of kids 18 and under were reported to VAERS. In other words, the VAERS URF for deaths is highly likely less than 142.
  8. These are all estimates, but the numbers are so absurdly high that even if you factor in survey biases, nobody should be taking these vaccines, especially kids. It’s unethical.
  9. All surveys have biases and confounders. We are certainly open to hearing from anyone who thinks that they have a more accurate survey or analysis method. Instead of shooting holes in the survey, it’s more constructive to show us the “right” way or the “objective” audience for the survey. In order to attack this research, you need to attack the data or the methodology or both using data to prove we got it wrong, not hand-waving arguments.
  10. This work will never be published in a medical journal because it is counter-narrative. Starting on May 23, 2022, it will be “peer-reviewed” by hundreds of thousands of people who will be looking for an error and they will post it here. Check the comments if you want to see the “peer review.”
  11. I encourage you to replicate the surveys yourself if you don’t believe me and publish them.

We are in the process of repeating these questions with a randomly selected group of people with the survey being done by an independent polling company. We should have the results by May 27, 2022. Note that some of the survey firms want to change the questions so that they are biased in favor of making the vaccine look safe. Wow. This is why we encourage you do it yourself.

As I mentioned earlier, the statisticians I work with tell me the signals observed here are too large to be explained by bias and they are also very consistent with previous estimates.

For example, I’ve walked into several large venues I’ve never been in before and asked the audience “how many people do you know who died from any cause right before they were going to get their first vaccine dose? How many after?” The results are always stunning. It’s the quickest way to wake up a group to being receptive to the possibility that they’ve been misled.

If you think that people are primarily honest and answer objective questions honestly, you should keep reading. Also, if you are willing to survey your own followers, keep reading as well.

Finally note that a small fraction of the data is gamed and/or in error.


I recently sent off eight different surveys (listed below) to my readers to get a sense for what the reality is out there. What I found was consistent with everything I’ve been saying for more than a year now, namely, the vaccines are too unsafe to use and especially deadly for our kids.

I also sent off two more surveys on May 22, 2022 (see the surveys section below).

The blue pillers would argue, “That’s a biased survey because your readers are all anti-vaxxers with an agenda.” Oh really? Great hand-waving argument, but where is your evidence that the responses were wrong? If you are a fact checker or work at HHS, I’m happy to give you the full data under NDA so you can actually look at the data BEFORE you make your accusations. After all, that should be the proper order, right? Evidence before accusation?

My readers actually see the world as it really is, whereas in the blue pill world, they see a different “reality”:

  1. nobody dies from the COVID vaccine
  2. there are no vaccine injured
  3. masks work great to stop COVID
  4. the vaccines are safe and effective
  5. lockdowns work
  6. 6 feet protects you from being infected
  7. none of the early treatment protocols work
  8. there is no negative vaccine efficacy
  9. the vaccine provide better protection than recovering from an infection
  10. the unvaccinated are a danger to society
  11. the unvaccinated are causing variants
  12. there is significant asymptomatic spread
  13. we should be testing people with no symptoms
  14. vaccines are so safe they should be mandated even though everyone admits that 100% vaccination will not stop the virus

So show me the PROOF that my readers are “biased.” Make my day. Let’s have a debate on that one.

With that out of the way, the results I found are simply stunning and were summarized in the beginning.

Please, don’t take my word for it. If you don’t believe me, do your own survey.

Or you can ask yourself, “why don’t they want to fact check these results?” or “why don’t they want to do any of these surveys?”

The introduction

Read this article. This will open your eyes to the possibility that I may be right. It’s right there in the peer-reviewed scientific literature that you shouldn’t trust the government. In fact, the government data on deaths by age from the CDC says the numbers are incomplete since Jan 2021. This is why we need to use statistical sampling of the clinical trial participants (i.e., us).

The surveys

I did six Google form surveys with multiple questions. This allowed me to capture each response for anyone to analyze or verify:

  1. Relative event rates
  2. Peri-vaccine death rates
  3. All cause mortality after December 1, 2020
  4. Child deaths ages 5 to 18: virus or vaccine (2020 to present)
  5. Miscarriage rates (2020 to present)
  6. COVID vaccine impact survey

I also did 5 social media surveys, all of which are trivial for you to replicate:

  1. Deaths in 5 to 11 year olds since 2020 (Twitter)
  2. Deaths in our extended family since 2020 (Twitter)
  3. Deaths in our extended family since 2020 (Gab)
  4. Cancer impact post-vaccine for those who didn’t die from the vaccine (Gab)
  5. Impact of the vaccine on menstruating women (Gab)

What is fascinating is to compare survey 4 and 5. Here’s the screen shot. Dramatic increase for 57% in menstrual bleeding and for 56% in cancer. If that’s not compelling I don’t know what is.

Survey results available for download

The 4 social media surveys are in public view using the link above. I encourage you to read all the comments for the social media posts. They are quite revealing.

You can download the responses for each of the six detailed surveys using the links below. You will get the FULL data. Note that some entries are gamed, some are duplicates that were not filtered out for completeness, and some are simply erroneous because they are inconsistent (e.g., I think the person died from the vaccine but checked the person was unvaccinated).

The contact info and names were redacted but are available to fact checkers under NDA:

  1. COVID vaccine impact survey (this is an Airtable link but you can download a .csv using the … menu item in the upper left to the right of sort)
  2. Relative event rates
  3. Peri-vaccine death rates
  4. All cause mortality after 2020
  5. Child deaths ages 5 to 18: virus or vaccine (2020 to present)
  6. Miscarriage rates (2020 to present)

Validation on Twitter and Gab (3 surveys)

Here are three surveys I ran on Twitter and Gab.

The beauty of these Twitter and Gab surveys is you can easily run these surveys yourself with YOUR followers and see what you get. That is your truth, since you shouldn’t believe anything I write or anything my followers say. After all, I’m a big “misinformation spreader” as everyone knows. Also these polls are still open and they could be gamed by either side. This is why you want to run your own poll.

Here’s the first poll.

Let’s assume the vaccines are perfectly safe. Then the three month period following Dose 1, 2, and 3 is just going to approximately reflect any normal 3 month period because we’ve already removed all the COVID deaths in the first line. The expected number of background deaths in 3 months is 7% from the second to last line. But let’s look at the 3 months after dose 1, 2, and 3: 7+12+6=25%. Subtract 7% background and we get an 18% excess death rate. But only 14% died from COVID. So even though the vaccines didn’t roll out for almost a year, the vaccines have already killed far more people than COVID: 18% excess death after the vaccine vs. 14% excess deaths from COVID. In short, just the excess deaths 30 days after the vaccines show the vaccines have killed 1.28X more people than COVID. Please run this survey yourself.

What this means is that if you think COVID has killed 1M Americans since 2020 (which I think is high), then COVID vaccines have killed 1.28M Americans since 2021. Let that sink in. And remember, not everyone has been vaccinated yet.

Here are two surveys run by VaccineTruth2 on Twitter. The first is the “Twitter version” of the Gab poll. It’s a Twitter version because you only get four choices and each line must be 25 characters or less.

There are 50% more votes on this one. But we couldn’t ask the control question about the number who die naturally over a 3 month period because Twitter limits polls to just 4 options. But fortunately, there was no need to.

We know from the previous poll that the background death rate is about 1/3 of the Dose 1 rate. And that the dose 3 rate was about 85% of the Dose 1 rate.

So we can estimate Dose 1 + Dose 2 + Dose 3 = 29.1%

Subtract out the estimated 3 month background and we get 29.1 -7.1= 22% excess death rate. 22% is more than twice as large as the 9.2% COVID rate. Again, the results show that the vaccine is killing way more people than COVID (in this case twice as many)! That’s what the numbers show. Even though this makes our case even more compelling, I think the Gab poll is going to be the closer estimate since less “estimating” is required because we have the source numbers for the population we surveyed.

And our final Twitter poll is the most shocking of all:

COVID has a negligible impact on child death rates. Deaths in kids are caused by cancer, accidents, etc. and it doesn’t change much year over year. So the deaths in kids should be even over time (there will be some seasonality of course). The first two bars represent 22 months. The last bar is 7 months. So how can just as many kids die in 7 months as in the 22 months prior to that? That can only happen if kids are dying at 3 times the earlier rate.

So what happened on Oct 29, 2021? We approved the vaccine for 5 to 11 year olds! But not every kid got the shot.

So if we injected only 50% of the kids in that age group, then this basically is a kill rate that is 6 times the normal all-cause mortality rate. That’s huge. It’s the biggest killer of kids of all time. The CDC outside committee (ACIP) just recommended that your child SHOULD get this vaccine so they don’t die from COVID. Just one person voted “No.” This is minutes after I told them that the data shows the vaccines were killing kids at a far higher rate than COVID and they should do their own surveys to find the truth.

The pro-vaxxers will argue that correlation doesn’t mean causality. That’s right, but they need to follow that up on that “hand-waving argument” by naming the intervention that DID cause the 3X increase in the rate of death of kids. What was it and how come nobody has said anything? Nothing from the CDC on this. We are left with the conclusion that it has to be the vaccine.

Nobody is saying anything because the medical community would be discredited for decades for recommending such a deadly vaccine. So they say nothing other than try to create FUD.

That’s why they need to censor us and why they hope that you never run the same survey yourself. There is simply no other way to explain this result. This article will be heavily censored on social media.

Also, assuming that 5% of kids are dying from COVID which would be a huge stretch (if anyone has the numbers, please put it in the comments but my guess is far far less than 5%), then we are looking at killing at least 120 kids for every kid we’d save from COVID with a PERFECT vaccine (20X factor from the 5% and 6X factor if all kids were vaccinated). Amazingly, this is nearly the same risk/benefit calculation that Toby Rogers did months ago (Toby estimated 117 kids were killed by the vaccine for every child we MIGHT save). Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Is there some noise in this data? Of course. But you can see the trends clearly. Even if we are off by a factor of 100, this is still troubling that we are killing more kids than we are saving, isn’t it?

Finally let me address claims that COVID is now killing our kids. Funny how this only started happening AFTER the vaccines rolled out for those kids, isn’t it??

My survey of kids 5 to18 who died showed that all 15 kids reported died from the vaccine. So if COVID is now a huge issue for kids, my data shows the problem is at least 10X bigger for the vaccine because we couldn’t find any of those kids who died from COVID.

I just found out I was right. Here are the numbers right from the October 26, 2021 VRBPAC presentation (see slide 16) which show that just 1.75% deaths in this age group are caused by COVID. So my 120X estimate…that’s wrong. I need to increase the 120X estimate by 5/1.75. We are killing 336 kids for every kid we would save if the vaccines are 100% successful. Wow.

The analyses

I published two analyses prior to this one:

  1. Statistical analysis shows that NOBODY under 60 should take the COVID vaccine
  2. Survey results so far are devastating

The 5 to 18 survey

Since 2020, none of my readers knew of a single COVID death in kids 18 and under. But they know of 14 who appear to have been killed by the vaccine and I have the full story of all of them. I read through all the death reports. One of the death reports was clearly gamed in order to try to discredit the survey if it was included; the 14 remaining are real. In short, we are killing lots of kids to save no one from dying from COVID. We can’t even quantify how big this is; we suspect it is at least 14 to 1 but could be over 100 to 1. We don’t have enough data to quantify just how insane this is. We have totally lost it as a society that there are so many people who want to kill their own kids with these vaccines and we have a government that is egging them on to do so. Note: Of the 15 responses, one was gamed, one was a duplicate, and one reported 2 deaths.

The video walkthroughs of the summary data

There are 3 videos that walk you through the survey results. All videos can be viewed at 720p.

Summary video of the two most recent surveys I did (17 minutes)

Eight surveys: the highlights (17 minutes)
Everyone should watch this short video. I describe the key takeaways of the 8 different surveys.

Five different surveys all show vaccines are NOT “safe and effective” (50 min)
This goes into the 5 long surveys in detail. This is available in 720p resolution which makes it easier to read.

Miscarriage rates

Watch my summary video (near the end)

Look at my Gab survey

What do you think? Look safe and effective to you? Or a con job by the CDC?

My offer to any “fact checker” organizations including HHS agencies

I’m happy to supply the full data under NDA provided:

  1. The data is destroyed after use
  2. Access to the data is restricted to one or two people responsible for the research
  3. You commit up front to publishing the report on the analysis within a reasonable timeframe for verification. This ensures that if the data is verified, the “fact check” won’t get killed.

I am also happy to discuss the survey results on a live video call that is recorded and streamed. After all, I have nothing to hide.

How these surveys will be attacked

Arguments they will use include:

  1. The phase 3 trials proved the vaccines were safe
  2. The questions were biased
  3. The respondents were biased
  4. It’s not published in a peer-reviewed journal
  5. The surveys didn’t have IRB approval
  6. The surveys don’t support what the CDC has been saying so they must be wrong
  7. I’m too busy to look at this, but the arguments must be wrong
  8. There is recall bias where people remember things that happened more recently than things that happened in the past.

Let me assure you that all of these arguments are excuses. No vaccine expert in the world is going to agree to challenge me on this.

Any vaccine expert who believes they can successfully argue any of these points is invited to a recorded discussion with me where you prove, with evidence, that I’m wrong. You can make your request at stevekirsch-request at

You will need to come armed with your own survey showing I got it wrong. Or with the autopsy reports for everyone who died in the clinical trial. Hand-waving arguments without evidence supporting your views will not be accepted.

The evidence in plain sight

The surveys are just one way to prove the vaccines are dangerous. They are great because they are in plain sight and can be verified.

But there are other methods in plain sight as well that the mainstream media is ignoring:

  1. 22X increase in athlete deaths
  2. Embalmers with over 90% affected with odd blood clots
  3. All 16 Runners Who Collapsed and Runner Who Died at Brooklyn Half Marathon Said They Were Vaccinated. Note that vaccination was a requirement to enter the race (for the safety of the participants). That many collapsed is hard to explain.

We do seem to have a problem believing our own eyes.

Next steps

  1. Watch both videos (or at least the highlights video). Pick 720p resolution.
  2. If you don’t believe the video, please do you own survey or analyze the data I’ve uploaded
  3. Ask your doctor why my video is wrong and what the REAL numbers are. This has the effect of red-pilling your doctor.
  4. Your doctor will be “too busy” to respond and will attempt to gaslight you telling you that this is just misinformation. He will attempt an “appeal to a higher authority” because he won’t have any facts or evidence to dispute what I wrote, i.e., he will tell you “trust me… if the vaccines were unsafe the FDA never would have approved them.” Or he will say this isn’t peer-reviewed even though 100,000 of my peers are reviewing this article and I’m sure thousands will comment on it.
  5. After your doctor refuses to respond to you, tell all your friends that your doctor couldn’t produce any evidence that refutes the video and perhaps they could read this article and explain to you why this is misinformation.


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