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VSRF Call Today at 7 pm EST: The Politics of C0VID

VSRF Call Today at 7 pm EST: The Politics of C0VID

By Steve Kirsch

Airline pilots, a new published paper on vaccine injury, candidates for office, former NJ lawmakers on today’s call.

On tonight’s VSRF Weekly Update at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific  I’m speaking with:

  • Boeing 777 Pilot Steven Hornsby now on medical leave due to COVID-19 vaccine induced myocarditis.
  • VSRF partner Dr. Stephanie Seneff who will answer questions about her new peer reviewed paper with Dr. Peter McCullough on the danger of the C-19 vaccines, including immune suppression + potential for infectious diseases and cancer.

I’m also be speaking to two candidates for office this November a

  • Dr. Cordie Williams, Republican for US Senate from California
  • Reinette Senum, Independent for California Governor

and a prominent New Jersey Democrat who’s been leading the fight for religious freedom on vaccines in his state.

  • Mayor Jamel Holley, former Democrat New Jersey State Assemblyman

The insane COVID policies will only be removed through politics or the courts.  Our growing movement is made up of liberals, centrists, conservatives, Republicans, Democrats and Independents.

Elections are important.  The upcoming midterm elections are the only reason ruling politicians are abandoning some mandates.  They know that these elections are the one opportunity for voters to clear them out.   Who are “them”? Any politician of any party who has allowed Big Pharma, Dr. Fauci and our Corporate Media to impose the COVID regime on us.

Support of Congress is vital to our movement. It is pretty clear that under the current leadership, the corruption within the CDC, FDA and Big Pharma will never be properly investigated nor will our ability to speak truthfully on social media without being censored, deplatformed, and demonetized. Only with new players will the relevant committees have the necessary subpoena power to begin the investigations into our country’s COVID policy response.

One example of COVID policy insanity: the Biden Administration is appealing the Federal District Court’s decision to lift the transport mask mandate while vaccine injured pilots are experiencing cardiac incidents IN THE AIR.  I’ll ask Boeing 777 commercial pilot, Steven Hornsby, what the FAA is doing about this.

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