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Watch This New Informative Video From the CDC on the Vaxxines for Kids Under 5

Watch This New Informative Video From the CDC on the Vaxxines for Kids Under 5

By Steve Kirsch

Here’s the latest video from the CDC that, for the very first time, acknowledges that you might not want to vaccinate your kids. Jessica Rose viewed it and wrote me an email with two words: “<expletive> brilliant.” Check it out:


Here’s the vaccine safety video from Ron DeSantis

In stark contrast to what the CDC Director is saying, check this out. “The risks outweigh the benefit” says Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in this video:

Wow. YouTube didn’t censor it (yet) as misinformation. Can you believe that? That’s incredible!!!! This video has survived for 5 days on YouTube without being removed. That should be front page news!

You gotta give DeSantis credit for this. On the other hand, he’s still recommending the vax for 5 and older for kids who are not healthy. Come on Ron. Show me the data on that one! He can’t because there isn’t any.

Have you ever wondered… How can the Governor of Florida figure out that the COVID vaccines might be dangerous and unnecessary and nobody at the CDC, FDA, or NIH has a clue about this despite overwhelming evidence?

Not a single person from these agencies agrees with Ron DeSantis, even though he’s right.

Clearly, the corruption runs deep at the HHS agencies: not a SINGLE intellectually honest person. That’s an impressive amount of corruption.

Is it safe to fly?

I try to avoid flying until they test the pilots like they should be doing.

Here’s another video on how “safe” it is to fly nowadays, produced by the Global Aviation Coalition. One of my British Airways pilot friends sent it to me. It must be good… I’m in it!

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