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Your Next Pandemic Will Be Controlled by the WHO

Your Next Pandemic Will Be Controlled by the WHO

By Steve Kirsch

After all, they did such a WONDERFUL job with this pandemic … NOT!!!! So the US is going to cede control in the next pandemic to the WHO and I don’t think it can be stopped.

Read these articles:

  1. Biden Handing Over U.S. Sovereignty to WHO
  2. The W.H.O’s ‘Pandemic Treaty’ will end Freedom as we know it and hand the ‘keys to power’ to its largest private funder, Mr Bill Gates

The WHO is a disaster. Early treatment (outpatient) was the right way to handle this pandemic and the WHO did absolutely nothing in that area. Only a completely inept agency wouldn’t have had that as one of the pillars of a pandemic response.

Then they wasted a ton of time testing a bunch of drugs that could never have worked on inpatients, costing lives and wasting more time. Why were they doing clinical trials on drugs where there was no anecdotal evidence of a benefit?

And of course they endorsed the vaccines and continued to this day to NOT endorse early treatment, even such obvious drugs like fluvoxamine with a 12x mortality benefit and a systematic review and meta-analysis (the highest level of evidence-based medicine) published in JAMA.

These people are inept.

To put them in charge of the next pandemic has got to be the dumbest decision in US history.

I don’t think there is any way to stop this unfortunately. This is what Pfizer and Moderna want.

I’m really sorry about that.

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