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PANDA’s Marc Girardot on How the C0VID Vaxxines Damage Your Body

PANDA’s Marc Girardot on How the C0VID Vaxxines Damage Your Body

By Steve Kirsch

Marc Girardot brought a recent paper on COVID-19 vaccines causing hepatitis to my attention. Marc’s theory on how the vaccines damage your body is consistent with what the paper found.

A new paper is out linking the COVID vaccines and hepatitis is now available: SARS-CoV-2 vaccination can elicit a CD8 T-cell dominant hepatitis.

Marc, among others, believes that this is not directly due to the spike protein, but happens indirectly. Here’s how:

  1. After injection, the lipid nanoparticles (LNP) in the vaccines carry the mRNA instructions to your cells causing them to express spike protein (known as “transfection”). These transfected cells are all over your body and are not limited to the injection site.
  2. The T-cells in your immune system then attack these cells (since they are expressing a foreign protein) causing the destruction of (formerly) healthy tissue. If the T-cell attacks happen to cells in the liver, you get hepatitis.

If it happens in cells around your heart, you get myocarditis. If it happens in the cells protecting the blood-brain barrier and in your brain, the barrier can be damaged leading to prion disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, stroke, etc.

With respect to the cases of hepatitis being reported in 11 countries across the world, this may not be related as most of the cases are being reported in unvaccinated people. However, in the VAERS database, hepatic failure is elevated 87X normal and hepatic cirrhosis is elevated 125X normal.

More details in this 47-minute video. If you are short on time, just watch the first 5 minutes or read the comments.


Here’s what others had to say:

I was forced to take the jab – luckily I did not suffer any injury (8 month on). I was aware of side effects and corruption in big pharma but learned a lot more since. I have not taken any boosters and have advised anyone asking me not to take the jab. I will risk any employment over the injections going forward.

Why are you two assuming that all the shots are all the same? (given the same mfg). Remember the FDA admitted this was the biggest medical experiment ever and there are also drug manufacturing specialists who reject the idea that all covid vaccines were ramped up to production in record timing without any issues, or that the extreme cold temps were not maintained to keep the vials ‘fresh.’ There are so many variables in the mfg and composition of the various vaccines which were mfg’ed at different plants around the world.

It is an established fact, that the batches vary. At this point, I do not think anyone denies that. Pfizer did make this clear at the very beginning to EMA (which makes me think they did report the same thing to other regulators as well]).

Just like how they put toxins which they call adjuvants in flu vaccines, along with what they call a virus in the same flu vaccine. Yet there’s no evidence viruses, as we’ve been led to believe they are, actually exist. So when people get violently ill or die from these flu vaccines, what could be the cause? It’s the adjuvant aka poison that’s what.

Viruses actually do exist BUT not as outside invaders, germ theory, as they (big pharma and medical cartels) would have us believe. Our own cells make our own viruses, site specific, to help in the detoxification of our bodies. They are made with your own RNA/DNA thus not compatible with others’ RNA/DNA and so NOT contagious. Our systems are wonderfully made, fear not!

I think, because people are finding toxins, etc in these vaccine vials, that this mRNA story is complete BS. I think people are being intentionally poisoned. The mRNA story is just a cover.

Steve published a bad batch linked to illness and death. He knows they are not all the same.

I want to see proof that the kids who are coming down with hepatitis are not vaccinated. I wouldn’t trust one word that comes out of the media.

It seems, according to the biodistribution study (at this point I have not seen anything more precise, although the study is not very precize), only one fourth stays in the muscle, the rest leaks somehow to other parts of the body, I do think, this study should be replaced by a proper science with real vaccine (not merely luciferase substitute) injected into humanized animals and get the raw data (animal by animal). So far the study gives us only how luciferase substitute is distributed on average, we still do not know how the distribution varied from one animal to other. It looks like different people got the vaccine to different parts of their bodies.

Mr. Kirsch, the MMR vaccine, along with many of the others, contains polysorbate-80. This opens up the BBB, which allows the toxins to infiltrate.

My son is getting ready to go to University, I am praying for enough evidence so we can stop forced spike shot at University students.

Israel has rise in children (also no jabbed) with hepatitis and with polio. It still may be caused by long and massive exposure to the spike protein, that is everywhere in Israel except for some unusual communities. Many adults were jabbed four times, many children were jabbed three times.

Thank you for bringing this information out to the world. It’s frightening and I’ve yet to get the jab. How are you holding up after being jabbed?

Administration is supposed to be intramuscular, at least typical for most immunizations. Some small amount might leak into vessels. But if given incorrectly, much more if not all, might go into blood vessels. One is supposed to pull back slightly on the syringe plunger, aspirate, prior to pushing the plunger down, to deliver the innoculate, so as to be sure that the end of the needle in muscular and NOT vascular tissue. Problems might be worse if bad injection technique is used, i.e., if innoculate is administered mainly into blood vessels, by mistake.

I do appreciate Your sense of black humor, but professor Turanek actually says this delivery mechanism acts as if everyone was getting the vaccine intravenously, we are just talking about what part gets delivered where. After all, we still did not see the raw data of distribution of luciferase in humanized animals (they did no submit this on real vaccine, for some reason they got away with this old fashioned luciferase mRNA and got EUA anyway, although technically the study did not show what the real vaccine does to humanized animals).

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