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Our outdated 19th Century falsified education system has clearly failed us in the west. It’s not just hopelessly outdated, by more of an indoctrination into the Western “ Cult” of the lies about our history and our so called democracies, when all along the West has been a manipulated Oligarchy run by the elite who via NGO’s control and influence both the media and our Governments.

The system is rigged and is facing collapse.

To not just survive but excel in the new world requires a real life education, taught by those with a PhD in Results, not theory. Creating future leaders that can critically think, utilise common sense and have a desire to make humanity better.

Education is the key to success, but it must be the right education, and teaching skills required in a rapidly changing world.

TruthEd has partnered with 21st Century Education and over 30 leading educators to bring you a modern day online education for an affordable subscription fee, for education that people have happily paid tens of thousands for over the last 25 years.

5 Rules to Success

Watch Arnie’s full lecture and post lecture interview on his
“5 Rules to Success” he delivered exclusively for 21st Century Education

Watch Arnie's lecture on 5 Rules of Success at 21st Century University

Learn from those with a PhD in Results not just those with a PhD in Theory such as University lecturers - I share the story of a friend how he built a $1.3 billion business from a tiny internet business started in 2006 in Melbourne Australia

Level 2

Level 2nd includes Truth Ed, which covers hundreds of online video tutorials of over 30 leading educators, covering success in business, finance,career , life and emotional intelligence, taught by those with a PhD in Real Life Results not theory.

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$99 per month subscription paid yearly in advance only $990 USD (save $198 USD)

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