Truth Talks are apart of the TruthGroup which also owns the fast growing censor social media platform,

Level 3️⃣

The second level program with Truth Talks is a Global 3 day live conference where you meet and network with the freedom community and leading key note speakers covering the most critical issues and solutions to them.

You also qualify to give a free teenage scholarship to any teenager you nominate (19 or younger) to attend this program at no charge.

$1500 USD

Spouse tickets are - $150 Per Ticket

We accept credit card, PayPal, bank transfers or any Top 50 crypto’s.

We also accept TruthCoin for 80% payment for each program.

Endorsed by the GHO and GEF and endorsed by the following Independent News Media Outlets

"All In" Starter Package

The Fast Start

Level 2️⃣

Level 1️⃣

Level 4️⃣ (5000 USD)

Level 3️⃣ (1500 USD)