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Katie Hopkins Reveals Who Controls The World

Katie Hopkins Reveals Who Controls The World

By Rob Moore

The world is on the edge of a revolution. Wealth, power & information are being disrupted.
Mainstream media is dying. Your freedom is being challenged. Your money is being debased.

The unrest is palpable. Disruptors & Rob Moore asks the questions others dare not to ask. Disruptive & diverse guests speak out on topical world issues & their areas of success & influence.

Having evolved from the Disruptive Entrepreneur, the focus started with entrepreneurs, billionaires; business & money related interviews & solo Rob’s Rants. As there world has changed, Disruptors has evolved to diverse, global movers, shakers & change makers who stand out & speak up.

Here’s what others had to say:

Margaret Greenwood
You are totally right Katie. I’m 80 and have been politically aware as long as I can remember and was politically active during the 60/70s and have seen what you describe developing. Bless you and strength to you. Not everyone will appreciate your courage and the strength and what it takes to fight for freedom. Above all, your freedom of spirit

Anyone the BBC hates is telling you the truth. She is an absolute hero bringing attention to very dangerous people.

Katie gave a speech on YouTube at the start of the second lockdown (UK). It was probably the most inspiring thing I’ve ever heard. If she’d have told me to go to war that day, I ‘d have done it cheering. Great lady.

Rob Garbett
Like many ‘hated’ people who have been in the media spotlight, she appears to speak more sense than any mainstream representatives and I applaud her stance and bravery.

Tristan Ua Ceithearnaigh
Governments 2020: Lets all go out and clap for the nurses for doing such a wonderful job.
Government 2022: Lets not give the nurses better pay and conditions for doing such a wonderful job.

Michelle Josephine
Katie is brilliant! Completely agree with everything she says. Absolutely 💯 right about everything. I never bought into any of these lies. Never will.

jrmop 09
When people realize there is only a small number of humans running the show the larger the uprising will be.

jammy doger
David icke been shouting this for decades. They laughed at him but now they realise he was right all that time.

Densel josephs
She’s on it we’ve been conditioned for this Dystopian nightmare through movie’s and literature for decades.

She says exactly what a lot of people are thinking, not as clear and concise as David icke but along the lines of what he says.

Matt Warren
I remember at Vauxhall station in London during the spamdemic , I witnessed a guy tearing down all the Covid propagander off the walls in the station. I have 100% respect for that guy whoever wherever you are.

Happy Man
Incredibly ironic that one of the adverts that interrupted this interview was for Vanguard… of the companies pulling the strings of the WEF.

Dan Henney
That clap for NHS was a piss take I didn’t clap not because I don’t appreciate them but because it wasn’t gonna do or achieve anything they couldn’t hear it anyway, and they choose the job and get paid for it.


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