Truth Talks are apart of the TruthGroup which also owns the fast growing censor social media platform,

YouTube Alternatives are Offering Big Incentives, for Content Creators to Upload to Their Platforms, not just YouTube

YouTube Alternatives are Offering Big Incentives, for Content Creators to Upload to Their Platforms, not just YouTube

By Staff Reporter

As the demand for alternatives to YouTube, grows, many are getting fed up with YouTube censoring content. Not to mention YouTube and its parent Alphabet, have been de-monetising many who post what’s considered controversial content. This can be content simply because it clashes with the Government or Western Oligarch’s twisted false narratives. Rumble, which is already valued at over $4 billion, a massive $600 million raise earlier this year, just topped the app charts, along with new social media comer “Be Real”, itself already valued at $600 million.

Rumble and also Spotify, are offering hundreds of millions to the big content creators, with Joe Rogan alone on over a $100 million dollar contract.
TruthGroup also has its own YouTube alternative that’s recently started, called TruthTube, and can be found at or it’s available via the app stores.

It’s also now stated, that it will offer its cryptocurrency, Truthcoin, which is trading around $0.20 cents on crypto exchanges, such as Azbits, to entice content creators to post on its new platforms to increase traffic, plus share ad revenues with larger influencers.

The TruthGroup is more well known for its Facebook alternative, called, which soft-launched earlier this year.

It’s also just soft launched TruthTalks, to be an effective censor free Ted style Talks, and also TruthMed ( that’s true in medicine, which considering the fraud of Covid, and its deadly experimental treatments, that are killing and injuring more than the Government cares to dare admit is certainly needed), and TruthEd (a new 21st Century Modern day education system to combat the loony left indoctrination they call a school curriculum these days).

TruthTalks also is attracting attention with its lucrative income incentives for content creators, influencers, and internet marketers who detest censoring and wish to preserve free speech and do something to push back against the Globalist’s Totalitarian Great Reset Agenda. is now available to the public and content creators, influencers and internet marketers to learn about its lucrative partnerships.

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