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My “Evil Twin” on Telegram Is Giving People Free Crypto Advice

My “Evil Twin” on Telegram Is Giving People Free Crypto Advice

By Steve Kirsch

Don’t fall for it.

I was just notified that there is an “evil twin” Steve Kirsch on Telegram giving people crypto advice:

BEWARE my “evil twin” Steve Kirsch offering people FREE advice on how to set up their crypto wallets

Suffice it to say, I don’t even have time to read most of my email or text messages. Virtually all my time is spent writing my Substack articles and researching the articles. So I have no time to help you set up crypto wallets and such.

Famous people never make offers like “Send me your crypto and I’ll send you twice as much back” or “Let me help you set up your crypto wallet… good…now read me off your private key…”

I’m sure you all knew that. Anyway, I thought you’d enjoy this screenshot above from my “evil twin.”

At least he isn’t telling people to get vaccinated!!!

My actual crypto trading (if you are curious)

I spend about 99% of my time on taking down the vaccine, but I do spend a small amount of time in the crypto space since 1) I was very upset about Canada confiscating people’s money during the trucker vaccine mandate protest and 2) Jessica Rose was frustrated with her inability to get a bank account, and 3) as a tech guy, the developments in the DeFi space have been impressive (not all good, but a lot of bright lights). I’ve been really impressed with Solana (despite some reliability issues).

I do all my personal crypto trading on which I’ve been really pleased with. I have an algorithm that is doing really well. We’ve found that the FTX API is really well designed and well documented and the service has been super reliable, tech support has been excellent, and the people are friendly. Their OTC service is fantastic as well with very tight spreads for large orders. They have superb support for Solana. I have enormous respect for their CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried who is an MIT alum like me. Not only has Sam built a great company, but his charitable giving is astonishing. I’d want to get his permission before saying more, but in the meantime you can read this article in Fortune which was just published today about him.

My investment fund, Kirsch Capital, is now starting to accept a few investors so we can iron out any kinks in the on-boarding process. I’ve only invited people who know me to participate right now, so don’t fall for any solicitations on that front either. When it is open to other investors, I’ll let you know in the Substack.

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