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Elon Musk Asks Bug-Eyed Burbank Bolshevik Adam Schiff if He Directly Violated the U.S. Constitution by Approving ‘Hidden State Censorship’

Elon Musk Asks Bug-Eyed Burbank Bolshevik Adam Schiff if He Directly Violated the U.S. Constitution by Approving ‘Hidden State Censorship’

via ZH:

In the wake of the most recent ‘Twitter Files’ release – which showed that the FBI infiltrated the social media giant, then primed its ‘Trust & Safety’ head to interpret things like the Hunter Biden release as foreign influence – CEO Elon Musk asked Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) whether he approved ‘hidden state censorship in direct violation of the Constitution.”


Some have speculated that the speed at which Twitter reacted to the NY Post‘s Hunter Biden bombshell was the result of a “powerful Dem” reaching out to the FBI’s operative, Elvis Chan.

Musk also advocated for a modern-day Church Commission, responding to a suggestion promoted by investor David Sacks.


Why Did the FBI Want Joe Biden to Become President?

Just imagine for a moment that Donald Trump, Jr. (or Eric) sat on the board of directors for a foreign company and “earned” millions of dollars for literally doing nothing. He didn’t know the industry and didn’t speak the language. The only thing Junior brought to the table was his last name. He made deals with foreign agents and foreign corporations to acquire rare materials like cobalt (used in electric cars) that was sold to Chinese interests for profit. While on an extended drug binge, he took a computer with lots of incriminating evidence to a repair shop and forgot or didn’t care what he’d done with it. Then he ignored all the calls from the shop telling him to come pick up his computer. That would be huge news, wouldn’t it?

Of course, Donald Trump, Sr. would be crucified. The media coverage would be nonstop. After years of witch hunts, they would finally have legitimate criminal behavior to investigate. The thousands of hours of airtime devoted to fake scandals would finally have paid off.

But change the name from Donald Trump, Jr. to Hunter Biden and the political party that stands to suffer from the revelations from Republican to Democrat, and the media becomes curiously uninterested in doing their job, which is to report the truth: That Hunter Biden is the bagman for the Biden family crime syndicate. The latest Twitter Files information drop proves it. Not only has Hunter’s corrupt and criminal business deals been exposed, the extraordinary lengths to which the FBI acted to suppress a true story have been exposed, too.

FBI agents swear to an oath of office that reads, “I [name] do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

Please remember that oath as we now talk about the latest development in the ongoing saga known as Hunter Biden laptop information found in The Twitter Files. If you haven’t been following the Twitter Files information drops before now, you need to start immediately. The latest release curated by Michael Shellenberger is absolutely stunning. The quick summary is that the FBI does not look good. They look terrible. In fact, they look like criminals. The FBI has been operating a lot more like a crime syndicate than federal law enforcement, and they have been keenly interested in suppressing free speech on social media. Words such as “infuriating” are entirely inadequate to convey the feelings of outrage and anger I’m experiencing right now.

The FBI has been controlling what you and I have been allowed to say on the Internet. The Bureau had a bunch of “former” employees on Twitter’s payroll actively helping suppress free speech on their platform. The FBI had secret channels of communication between an agency of theirs and a privately-owned social media company that were used exclusively to control the public narrative about an election-changing event. The FBI also paid Twitter millions of taxpayer dollars to suppress our own free speech. Is this a great country, or what?

Who or what authorized them, a federal agency, to spend my tax dollars on manipulating social media to deliberately advance a false narrative about Hunter’s laptop? It’s difficult to find the right words to describe the depths of their corruption that has now been exposed for the whole world to see, but I’m certainly going to try my best. “Unbelievable” isn’t a very good descriptor either, because we have tons of evidence that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the FBI took extraordinary measures to manipulate the 2020 election in favor of Joe Biden.

Here’s what we now know about Hunter Biden’s laptop: the FBI subpoenaed and took possession from a computer repair store in Delaware on Dec. 9, 2019. With the resources at their disposal, the FBI could have easily verified the computer was real and the information stored on it was accurate the very same day. A small team led by investigative journalist Peter Schweizer managed to verify the data within a couple of days, as the New York Post had done in the now-famous article published Oct. 14, 2020, that social media immediately suppressed as “Russian disinformation” because the FBI told them it was Russian disinformation, even though the social media companies themselves had no evidence of such traffic and certainly should have known better. But did they care? Of course not.

Twitter had become quite the popular landing spot for former Bureau employees, but one employee in particular stands out: James Baker, an FBI counsel during the “Russian collusion” hoax investigation that plagued the Trump administration. The very same guy who approved the falsely altered Carter Page FISA warrant was caught filtering the information being meted to journalists Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss, and Shellenberger. He’s the primary focus of my rage this morning.

A question popped into my head: how could these people possibly think they could get away with a conspiracy like this and corruption to this degree? But then it occurred to me that they have been getting away with it and no one has yet to suffer a consequence of note – Kevin Clinesmith received probation for deliberately lying on government documents in order to produce incriminating evidence against a U.S. citizen coincidentally named Carter Page. James Wolfe only received two months in prison for leaking classified information to his lover in the media and lying to the FBI about it. Meanwhile, people who simply walked through the Capitol building on January 6 continue to rot in prison.

Yes, they have gotten away with it. Joe Biden has been installed as president and will serve two more years. It is highly doubtful that any of the corrupt actors involved in undermining the Trump administration at every turn and propping up Joe Biden will ever face the consequences their actions deserve. People like former FBI officials Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok are being rewarded with lucrative jobs in the media instead of prison sentences. There is no justice in this world. I’m not merely infuriated, I’m apoplectic with rage.

If Elon Musk had not bought Twitter and brought all this damning information to light, we never would have known for sure. We could suspect all we wanted, but without the proof, no smoking guns, we couldn’t say for sure the FBI remained corrupt under Christopher Wray and written off his ineptitude to gross incompetence rather than corruption. Musk is a true (South) African/American hero, and I sincerely hope he’s got the best personal security in the world.

Another question popped into my head: why was the FBI working so feverishly to get the Biden administration into the White House, when they had to know how horribly corrupt the whole family was? Remember they took possession of the evidence on Dec. 9, 2019.

The most obvious answer that comes to my mind is that the administration, particularly the intelligence community, knew he was the candidate they could control. Conservatives left and right are being arrested and prosecuted for ridiculous reasons, crimes against conservatives aren’t being investigated, and the truth is being filtered and distorted to the point that it is unrecognizable. We’ve long suspected FBI corruption, and now we have irrefutable proof that it has been happening and continues to happen. It was to preserve their power at all costs. Perhaps the only truth Chuck Schumer ever told was when he famously warned Trump that the intelligence community had “six ways from Sunday” to come after him, and would do so, to protect its fiefdom.

This leads one to an obvious conclusion: the FBI has become the American Stasi. As of today, I have become very distrustful and afraid of my own government. I halfway expect my house to be raided and my own arrest coming for the crime of speaking truth to power.

Only one word accurately describes the crime the FBI has committed, and that word is treason.

May the punishment fit the crime.


With Russia Hoaxer Jim Baker On The Inside, The FBI Primed Twitter To Kill Hunter Biden Story Long Before It Broke

The FBI, with the help of insiders at Twitter, led a domestic intelligence coup against Americans during the 2020 election by priming the lead censors at Twitter to discredit reports of the legitimate Hunter Biden laptop under the guise of hacked materials.

The use of an intelligence reimbursement program means the taxpayer-funded FBI was paying Twitter nearly $3.5 million while the Big Tech company was aiding its election-rigging operation, writer Michael Shellenberger confirmed on Monday in the seventh installment of the “Twitter Files.”

By the time the New York Post reported on the Biden family business — a revelation that had the potential to change Americans’ votes in the 2020 election — the FBI knew the laptop and accounts of Hunter’s sketchy overseas dealings were legitimate.

A previous batch of “Twitter Files” indicated that the Big Tech platform used a manufactured “hacked materials” policy to suppress the New York Post’s reporting about Hunter’s laptop for political reasons mere weeks before the 2020 presidential election.

The driving force for that censorship, Shellenberger revealed in his new thread, was James Baker, Twitter’s deputy general counsel who served as lead counsel for the FBI from 2014 to 2018.

Baker, who played a key role in the FBI’s attempt to undermine former President Donald Trump via the Russian collusion hoax, was recently fired by Twitter CEO Elon Musk after his “unconvincing” explanation about his part in the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

The FBI and Baker, documents suggest, worked to discredit reporting about the Biden family business both before and after it went public.

One month before the New York Post published its story, the FBI requested to have a classified briefing with someone at Twitter who had a top security clearance. Baker, out of the many former FBI officials who had infested Twitter over the years, got the meeting.

One month later, Baker was documented discouraging Yoel Roth, former safety head at Twitter, from allowing the Post’s reporting to circulate on Twitter.

Roth noted that the Post’s reporting “isn’t clearly violative of our Hacked Materials Policy, nor is it clearly in violation of anything else” but admitted, after months of grooming by the FBI about hacks, that “this feels a lot like a somewhat subtle leak operation.”

Even though Baker’s former employer was aware of the veracity of Hunter’s laptop, Baker insisted on the possibility that the contents were obtained in unsavory ways that violated Twitter’s policies. The FBI veteran sourced some of his skepticism from what he said were “reliable cybersecurity folks.”

In the years leading up to the 2020 election, Twitter reported there was “very little Russian activity” on its platform. The FBI also admitted it “did not see any similar competing intrusions to what had happened in 2016.”

Yet, the corrupt agency spent months pressuring and priming Twitter with secret meetings, which focused on encouraging censorship ahead of the 2020 election, and encrypted conversations about the potential for Russian hack-and-leak operations.

By 10 a.m. on Oct. 14, the same day the Post’s story was published, Twitter executives had bought and were selling the idea that the laptop came not from a whistleblower but from a “hack-and-leak” operation. The executives used corporate media reporting speculating about Republicans’ ties to Russia to raise the possibility that this “hack” was led by foreign maligners.

“In the end, the FBI’s influence campaign aimed at executives at news media, Twitter, & other social media companies worked: they censored & discredited the Hunter Biden laptop story,” Shellenberger wrote.

For its successful influence operation, the FBI was warmly thanked by Baker and Twitter.


FBI Agent Elvis Chan Gave Twitter Execs Top Secret Clearance in Advance of the 2020 Election

New internal documents from Twitter, revealed today as part of Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files” series, show FBI Agent Elvis Chan arranged for Top Secret security clearance—the highest level of US national security clearance—to be granted to Twitter executives for the purpose of facilitating the censorship of suspected misinformation in advance of the 2020 election.

Elvis Chan has long been closely involved in working with social media companies to identify and censor suspected misinformation from sources both foreign and domestic, especially with regard to suspected election interference. This has included regularly sending lists of social media posts to social media companies for them to take down, as well as the suspension of the New York Post and others for what was subsequently borne out to be a true story about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

In his deposition last month, Chan described how the pressure that he and other FBI agents placed on social media companies to censor information about Hunter Biden’s laptop stemmed from a “thesis” that the incriminating content may have been uploaded onto the laptop as part of a Russian “hack-and-leak” operation. But the basis for this Russian hack-and-leak thesis is disputed, in no small part because the FBI took possession of the laptop in December 2019, nearly a year before the story was censored, and because there did not appear to be any new intelligence to suggest that Russia was interfering in the 2020 election.

Elvis Chan’s regular emails and weekly meetings with social media executives raise new questions about the level of coordination taking place between the federal government and social media companies for the purpose of censoring suspected misinformation shared by ordinary citizens. The level of this coordination is currently the subject of lawsuits including my own, Changizi v. Dept. of Health & Human Services, and Missouri v. Biden, in which a damning round of discovery previously revealed that more than 80 federal officials across a dozen agencies had been involved in the censorship of social media content.

Upon hearing the news, one FBI agent expressed disgust at what he described as the “gross subservience” that’s been shown by social media companies to the FBI, noting that the “default position” is for private companies to be “totally adversarial” to inquiries by the FBI about their customers.

The fact that Agent Chan granted Top Secret security clearances to social media executives seems to belie the government’s defense that its work with Big Tech platforms is not a “hand-in-glove” relationship for purposes of bypassing the First Amendment—as does the fact that federal officials for some reason felt it necessary to establish these comprehensive back-channels with Big Tech platforms without at least informing the American public—or even suggesting that we, y’know, simply block access to social media by Russian troll farms before resorting to the wholesale censorship of American citizens.



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