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Penny Wong Refuses to Investigate CORRUPTION Within the Labor Party!

Penny Wong Refuses to Investigate CORRUPTION Within the Labor Party!

By Aussie Cossack

Senator Rennick grills Australian foreign minister Penny Wong over a Labor Party corruption SCANDAL during a Senate estimates enquiry.

Here’s what others had to say:

Catwalk Connection
The greatest statement in Australian politics…”I can’t recall”

Anthony Brookes
Senator Rennick is an absolute Aussie legend, outstanding.

Still not today, Mockingbird
This is why term limits and abandoning the two party system is the only way forward.

She’s only doing what she does best. It’s second nature to her, no amount of counselling, therapy, medication is going to alter what she does. My old dad used to say “you can do something with a thief but nothing with a liar”.

peter b
Everything should be made public, and the Australian people have a say, what these coward government are hiding.

Looks like they are scared of accountability, best we make them accountable before they make that illegal and Assange us all for speaking.

Viv Rowe
Just watched this, she was so evasive she proved what she is. Can’t stand the sight of her!

Juan Epstein
Start picketing outside Wrong’s home and confront her about her corrupt behavior.

senator Rennick is a warrior for transparency just look at the way he rattles the liar’s when they spew non sensical rhetoric instead of answering a question . accountability and transparency is something the australian public deserve and expect, the LIBOR gov have had their day people like senator rennick & simeon will make sure of that.

jason cooper
That saying came out ” I don’t recall” the most common with all politicians shows how complacent they are.

Frank Wren
This is the attitude mandatory taxation will get you from public servants.
“my pay is secure so I don’t care”.

Narcissists hate being asked questions, they think: how dare you question me, you are not worth an answer, they don’t want to give an answer so they don’t have to be held accountable.

Nad Rok
”I’ve asked a lot of questions over the years” thats a tactic building a base for no recollection of the situation. All I saw was a servant of tge people stalling and dancing around the question to not give the people an answer to a corrupt deal that had 100% happened and its obvious they were caught red handed.

Senator Gerard Rennick has proved over & over that he possesses more intellect, integrity and tenacity than the rest of them could ever hope for. He is simply marvelous and definitely the smartest politician Australia has.

The Corporation is working so hard on masquerading, making it look like a Legit Government, the people see right through it, and the people have had enough with all the Bull.

John Haynes
We don’t really want to look into money laundering do we? Move on please nothing to see here! Excellent post Aussie, we need more like this that shines a spotlight on these corrupt politicians.


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