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Situation Update, Dec 9, 2022 – Why did Biden Really Release a Notorious International Arms Dealer?

Situation Update, Dec 9, 2022 – Why did Biden Really Release a Notorious International Arms Dealer?

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Intro

1:00 International Arms Dealer

8:20 Power Grid Sabotage

18:35 Cash Limits

26:55 Other News

– Nigeria forces limits on cash withdrawals from ATMs to push digital currency

– Brittney Griner prisoner swapped for “merchant of death” arms dealer

– Biden needs an arms dealer to sell weapons sent to Ukraine

– Weapons will be traded for cash, with kickbacks to the Biden regime

– Funding Ukraine is just another money laundering operation for corrupt Dems

– Power sabotage attacks expand into Oregon

– Power grid sabotage may have been carried out by CCP agents in the USA

– Hertz car rental company calls police on its own rental customers, has them charged with auto theft

– Ford tells customers of EV F-150 trucks to avoid using heaters in the winter

– Used car prices are collapsing

– 270,000 home owners who bought in 2022 are under water as housing prices fall

– Vaccinated people are SHEDDING spike protein toxins onto the unvaccinated

– Biden begins bailing out pension funds with $36 billion to the Teamsters

– This is part of effort to stimulate the ZOMBIE economy and delay total financial collapse

Here’s what others had to say:

Dr. Michael J Terry
I’ll give Elon Musk two weeks to restore Alex Jones and The Health Ranger’s accounts. If he doesn’t, this is what I’ll say to him…Hey you stuttering and stammering nerdy transhumanist loving Atheist Fuck, Why the hell haven’t you stopped the censorship of two of the greatest truthers in the independent news media game. Are you just like those libtarded, fake news loving f@’ots that you fired?

Brittney Griner is an icon almost no one heard of before she was “arrested” in Russia. Who the hell watches WNBA anyway, the girls’ parents?

Biden intends to ban all non-electric vehicles by causing gasoline not to be produced.

Eternally Inquisitive
“when I was spending 3 hours in the gym…I did jump rope, acrobatics, capoeira…No matter how much I worked out…I could never look that way”
Mike those are all cardio/conditioning workouts…if you want to bulk up you need to lift heavy weights…like 3-4 sets of 3-4 exercises per body part and sets of 8-12…stuff like that. Cardio just gets u lean my man
Then again, to bulk up you need FOOD…and with what’s coming nobody is going to be “bulking” for a while, soooo…,

So grateful for these reports. They’ve become a welcome part of my daily routine. Thank you for making my world better. Can’t wait for the “breaking point” series.

Mike, don’t agree with you being OK to support the Ukraine front line soldier, as they should back down to allow Putin to drain the swamp there and liberate the people, who seem happy Russia is there.

She looks like a he–but who cares?
Bet it’s the CCP and the CIA attacking the grid. And the FBI –you know for target practice.

Karen Kiekow
It is difficult to really determine whether the photos of her as a man are valid. Regardless, she is not worth the trade. If she is, then the teacher who is also incarcerated in Russia for Cannabis should have been released as well. Our Marine would have been a more worthy trade, but NO. He just doesn’t fit our current administrations screwed up sense of importance. Grinder hates America and we reward her disgust with trading an INTERNATIONAL ARMS DEALER WHO ALSO HATES AMERICA?? Can it get any worse than this??

Mike, I find it interesting that many of these experts, being 95% truthers, will admit to shedding but only mention Spike proteins as what’s likely being shedded. ln fact, like the virus the spike proteins have never even been proven to exist. Forget patents, which can be falsified. But what has been proven to exist is graphine oxide in the jab. Why don’t they talk about possible shedding of the graphine oxide? They never do, and I believe it’s because they’re trying to continually promote what is supposedly mRNA technology when it’s really all about the graphene nanotech, the real purpose in taking the vaccine, IMO.

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