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Videos From the Defeat the Mandates and Canadian Truckers

Videos From the Defeat the Mandates and Canadian Truckers

By Steve Kirsch

On the VSRF call, a number of people asked about the videos we showed on the call. Here are those videos and a few more. Enjoy.

Thank you to all the truckers, Southwest airlines pilots, Kyrie Irving, Novak Djokovic, Jonathon Isaac, Aaron Rodgers, and all the doctors, scientists, and healthcare workers who have the courage to speak the truth.

Canada Trucker video, zello channel, facebook page

This is really inspirational. Truckers are driving from Vancouver to the capital in Ottawa in a caravan joined by other truckers on the way to protest the mandates. It is like a giant Conga line.

The truckers are extremely powerful. They can shut down the entire country if they feel strongly about something and lucky for us, they feel strongly about this. They are on the right side of history here. Forcing vaccination is not only potentially lethal for truckers, but it also endangers other vehicles on the road if a trucker has a vaccine induced cardiac arrest at the wheel. Mandating vaccines for truckers, who basically spend virtually all their time isolated from other people, is nonsensical and it puts public safety at risk.

If you want to listen to the truckers, download the Zello app on your phone, and then connect to the channel “convoy to Ottawa”. There were 4,434 live connected when I checked and over 60,000 subscribers. Here is the trucker’s facebook page which has a lot of inspirational videos.

Where is the risk-benefit analysis for truckers? Nobody has seen it.

The Truth is Like a Lion (Robert Malone)

This is the highlight from Robert Malone’s speech at the rally.


Mainstream Media Melts Down (20:09)

This is an excellent video full of interviews with people who attended. Highly recommended.


Angie’s Montage

Defeat the Mandates: An American Homecoming Highlights (6:40)


More of US (Brevner Video)

More trucker videos

You can get to the other days from these awesome videos.

Bonus videos

Video in support of the truckers.

Chris from police on guard “We will win this country back.”


Dr. Francis Christian (fired U of Sask prof who opposed lockdowns) narrates this video of the Canadian truckers.


Defeat the Mandate rally speakers on Jan 23, 2022 (all speakers)


RFK Jr. speech at the Defeat the Mandates Rally

Steve Kirsch speech at the Defeat the Mandates Rally


Silence video (played at the March).


March Videos on VSRF website


Senator Johnson COVID-19 A second opinion panel on Jan 24, 2022
The 5 hour expert panel the next day


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